Nappy Braai

Why should the girls have all the fun!

Nappy braai, whats a nappy braai! 

Just before your child is born your partners friends are probably going to organise her a baby shower. You are going to be expected to get out of the house. This is your chance to make your partner proud!

Let us host a nappy braai for you! You will come home with some many free nappies you will be in your partners good books for a week! You will get to have a braai and some drinks with your buddies and best of all you won't need to clean up!

General nappy braai rules:


1: You put on boerie braai for you buddies and supply them with some drinks.(We stock both)

2: They bring you a packet of nappies.

Easy peasy!

We have different options available, so fill out the contact form below and lets have a nappy braai!

255 Long Street, Cape Town South Africa 

Tel: + 27 (0)71 225 8807